Friday, February 15, 2008

Here's a story . . .

Last year when Daniel and I went to visit our cousin, Amy, in Washington, DC, Daniel got introduced to The Brady Bunch on DVD. He liked it so much, I got him the entire boxed set for his birthday and we've had fun watching those together over the past few months. Since I saw every episode at least a hundred times in reruns growing up, I have my favorites that I now can view with Daniel (and he's got his favorites now, too). So, what's your favorite Brady Bunch episode? Are you like me and love it when the kids formed a group and sang a song? I like "When it's time to change" (with Peter's voice cracking) and when they were the Silver Platters because Jan didn't think about the engraving cost being per letter for their parents' anniversary gift. I'd love to hear from you, so don't be shy . . . we all know you love that time when they went to Hawaii!


Anonymous said...

Jeanettie says:

I like the one where Bobby gets kissed by Mary from Little House on the Prairie. Her name was Millicent.

Runner ups include the volcano, Jan's brunette wig days, the frogs in the back seat of the convertible.

Nanette R. said...

Oh, yeah, and Bobby sees skyrockets when he gets kissed. Funny!

Katie Jo said...

Alright, I love it when Jan wears a wig.
When Mike tries to design a building like a make-up compact.
I love the episode where they have card building contest and I think Jan wears that dumb bracelet and almost makes them loose, I think the dog ends up doing it.
I love being embarrassed for Jan.
I love the fake backyard.
Cindy's lisp.
I loved that the food could go up from the kitchen.
I thought cousin oliver should have left the show.