Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites: Family Time

When I left to come home from my big adventure this summer, we all knew that it was a big possibility that we'd be getting some more time together in September. It was a huge gift to be able to have time together and we soaked up every minute!

On the Sunday when they were here, E was baptized and it was a special time for our family. She had her grandparents from Texas and Tennessee present, as well as other family and friends. Such a joy to see her take this step!

Daniel came home for the weekend to see everyone. He got to have some fun with his cousins and they enjoyed having someone to climb on and "horse around" with (no picture, but he literally let them ride him like a horse while they played).

 I also loved this picture of Daniel and Mary Lane walking back from playing at a playground. They are our two July babies and have lots to talk about when they're together!

Grandma was also excited to have some time with everyone and got lots of hugs and kisses!

One of the things that the girls wanted to be sure they could do was have a sleep over at Aunt Nette's house! We had breakfast for dinner with colored pancakes, bacon and blueberries and watched a movie together before we had to go to bed. They also found things that they remembered playing with at my house!

It was a fast week, but the Masseys got to see lots of friends and we had some good times together as a family. We are thankful for that unexpected gift (and twice for me) and know that the Lord will keep us close in our hearts and minds until the next time we can be together!

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