Monday, March 14, 2016

Whole30: Week Two

I'm actually a little late in posting this because the two-week mark was this past Saturday and I'm on Day Seventeen! It feels good to be over the half-way mark, even though this hasn't been quite as hard as I had dreaded. Sure, I'd like a cracker every once in a while and I still miss having oatmeal and almond butter in the mornings, but for the most part, I've gotten into a groove with this plan and feel like I am not having too much trouble staying on track.

Things I'm learning:
  • I can eat out at a restaurant, but it's very challenging to find compliant things to eat.
  • Herbal teas sometimes have hidden ingredients that are not on the Whole30 plan!
  • I need to eat some starchy vegetables after a hard work out so I get filled up and feel OK.
What I have been missing:
  • oatmeal (still)
  • crackers or chips with my lunch (still)
Things that I'm liking:
  • how I feel (I have more energy and stamina. For example, I came home from work on Friday and cleaned the bathrooms after dinner)
  • eating more veggies at all three meals
  • how my jeans are getting looser and my tummy area has shrunk a little
Here are some of the meals I've prepared this week:

Breakfast sausage/veggie hash with acorn squash egg-in-the-hole

Pork chops and apples, with sweet potato and cauliflower

Egg and spinach scramble with avocado

Pot roast with potatoes, carrots and onions
Not-so-Random Act of Kindness:
My friend and coworker brought some food for staff meeting last Tuesday, in honor of International Women's Day (and it also was her staff anniversary). She thoughtfully saved out some berries for me to have sans sugar and provided some almonds and pecans to sprinkle on top.

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