Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Belize Stories: Mr. Guerrera

On Wednesday afternoon, we headed to the village of Buena Vista to build a ramp for Mr. Guerrera. He was also an amputee, but still had one of his legs and used crutches to get around. His home needed a new ramp, though, so the crew got to work pretty quickly.

While the ramp was being built, others on the team walked throughout the village distributing rice and bean packets and met some of the children in the village.

 This little guy is the grandson of Mr. Guerrera and he turned out to be quite a ham for the camera! He eventually came out of the house and toddled around the yard and tried to pick up his grandfather's crutches.

After the ramp was completed, we gathered with the family to pray and offer thanks for the blessings God had provided that day.

Mr. Guerrera and his daughters also were able to come to the Expo on Saturday and we were able to give them some medical supplies, including new crutches for Mr. Guerrera.

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