Saturday, February 27, 2016

Belize Stories: Belsie M.

This story was written by Linda Tipps on the Hearts of Christ team.

Belsie came to the Access-Life Expo in 2015 with her little girl who was in need of a wheelchair. Belsie carried her daughter in through the gate and was able to leave pushing her daughter in a wheelchair. Belsie and her daughter touched the hearts of everyone on the team.

One month later, Belsie took her daughter to El Salvador to get medical help. While they were there, Belsie's daughter died during the night. Throughout this past year, Belsie has been grieving the loss of her daughter and has had a very tough time.

This year, Belsie once again came to the Expo at the Hearts of Christ mission. She came over to the Prayer and Share tent where I was with big tears in her eyes, and we prayed and hugged and cried together. It took great courage on her part to come to the Expo with empty arms, but things started to turn around.

I told Belsie that I had asked God to send me an interpreter to help me to talk to some of the people who didn't speak English. Little did I know that God would send me Belsie. I told Belsie that the best thing that would help her deal with her grief that day would be to help others.

Between me and Belsie, we began sharing with people who came to our tent to make gospel bracelets. I urged Belsie to pray with one little girl out loud. It wasn't long before a smile returned to Belsie's face.

Belsie told me that she is going to college to be a teacher and she is playing soccer. I thank Jesus for bringing Belsie back to the Expo this year!

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