Friday, September 4, 2015

Sister: "T" is for Tenderhearted

As we get closer to my sister's birthday, here's another attribute that I love about Jeanette.

"T" is for Tenderhearted

My sister has a beautifully kind and tender heart toward people. As a little girl, she tenderly loved her baby dolls and as she got older, she finally convinced our parents to let her have a puppy. Watching Jeanette become a Mommy to her real-live babies, more of her tenderness shined through.

I also appreciate how Jeanette showed tenderness and kindness to our dad throughout the years that he dealt with Parkinson's Disease and as his health declined. She also showed the same tenderness to our grandmothers as they aged.

Another way Jeanette's tenderheartedness shows is through her genuine desire for people to come to know Jesus. She shows kindness and tenderness and patience with people she meets and earnestly prays for friends to have hearts open to knowing him. I admire this about my sister and am thankful for the example she is to me.

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