Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sister: "R" is for Real

Happy Birthday, Jeanette!

"R" is for Real

In my attempt to articulate what I mean by saying that Jeanette is "real", I looked up some definitions of that word. One that caught my attention and I think best explains what this characteristic looks like in her life is:

Real: free from any intent to deceive or impress others (real folk who don't put on airs). Some of the synonyms are: genuine, honest, true, unpretentious, natural. 

Another word that came to mind was "loyal," and while it doesn't start with "R" and is not listed as a synonym, I feel that Jeanette is one of the most loyal people I know. She is loyal and true to her husband and marriage. She is loyal to her daughters and other family members. In her friendships throughout life, I have observed her to be loyal and I know that she maintains long-standing friendships with people who she has known for almost her entire life.

Jeanette is a genuine person who is doesn't try to pretend she's something she's not and she honestly relates to people in her life in a way that sets people at ease and enjoy being around her. In her younger years, she might have been described as "naive" or "gullible," but I think that those are a necessary part of being "real" with people. 

So, Sister, it is my hope and prayer for you on your birthday that as you are meeting new people and relating to others who have known you for many years, all will be able to know you as a Sister, Interesting, Silly, Tender-hearted, Enthusiastic and Real. I hope that you have a day filled with love and friends and fun! (those are bonus letters, not included in the word, "Sister")

I love you!

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