Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sister: "I" is for Interesting

Continuing my tribute to my dear sister this week leading up to her birthday,

"I" is for Interesting.

Jeanette is one of the most interesting people I know and I thought I'd share some of the interesting facts about her:

  • Jeanette has lived in three countries on three continents and has visited many more
  • She has lived in five states (MD, NJ, AL, TN, TX, NY)
  • Her left hand is dominant, but she is actually ambidextrous (or amphibian, as she thought the doctor said to my mom when he gave them that news)
  • Jeanette played percussion in the high school band and marched with a snare drum
  • She majored in Political Science in college because she "likes committee meetings"
  • Jeanette went sky-diving in her twenties and we have the video to prove it (too bad it's not digitized to share)
  • She can remember lyrics to songs and has been to numerous Billy Joel concerts
  • Jeanette can do a great rendition of Sally from The Peanuts comic strip
  • She likes "small" candies, like Nerds, Runts, Skittles
  • Jeanette is a great cook and loves to create and adapt recipes using creativity and ingredients she has on hand
  • She has a seminary degree in Preschool and Children's Ministry and has served as Preschool/Children's Minister and in other director roles in children's programs
  • Jeanette sang in chorus and had some solos in concerts and drama productions
I really could go on and on about how interesting my sister is. I love that she shares her interests with others and brings unique gifts to any relationship.

Jeanette marching with the GRHS band

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