Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Update #3

We're ten days into August, so I guess it would be a good time for a Summer Bucket List update! I may have slowed down a bit on some things and have realized that other things on the list are probably not going to happen (namely, cooking). But I have been able to do some crossing off on my list!

  1. Go on a vacation with Daniel (this is a easy one, since our trip is planned)
  2. Create scrapbook layouts for the first six months of 2015 using the Project Life app
  3. Get together with some friends to get some other scrapbooking done
  4. Make cards (either alone or with a friend)
  5. Create monthly/seasonal "vingette" on top of my entertainment center
  6. Do a DIY project for my home
  7. Have a cook-out
  8. Try a new recipe
  9. Cook at home at least once a week
  10. Write a note to someone every week
  11. Read for at least an hour a day
  12. Watch the fireworks on 4th of July
  13. Go to the Farmer's Market
  14. Attend a local festival
  15. Go on a day-trip
5. Create monthly/seasonal "vingette" on top of my entertainment center.  
I don't think I took a picture of my "patriotic" display, but it hasn't changed all that much throughout the spring and summer. In fact, I still have (fake) forsythia twigs in the jars. I also like to decorate the blank wall in my dining room and throughout July, I had a fabric swag and wreath hanging there. When August rolled around, I changed out the swag and hung up some of my "vintage" beach postcards from my collection. Most of them are from the Jersey Shore, but there are a couple from Daytona and Ocean City, I think.

Postcard garland in the dining room
If you can look beyond the silliness, you'll see the vingette on top of the entertainment center!
4. Make cards (either alone or with a friend)
I had already crossed this off, but I thought I'd show some birthday cards I made for some August friends. I found some adhesive-backed paper at Michael's and am enjoying playing with it, as well as trying to use paper scraps a little more often.

10. Write a note to someone every week.
This isn't something I've logged or taken a photo of, but I have been trying to be more intentional about sending notes to people (or birthday cards can count, too). I personally enjoy getting notes in the mail, so I imagine that others do too. It doesn't have to be a long letter. Just a short note saying you're thinking of them can go a long way in making someone's day.

So, even though school has started back for kids in Middle Tennessee and my college guy will be going back to Knoxville this coming weekend, I don't consider the end of summer to be until Labor Day weekend . . . and that comes late this year (September 5-7). I've still got lots of time for summer fun!

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