Monday, July 6, 2015


It's hard to believe that this is true, but as of last Thursday, I no longer have a teen-ager! That's right, Daniel turned twenty years old! Crazy, but it's true!

Our trip to Arizona was a big part of our celebration, but we got back in town on his birthday, in time for Daniel to get to celebrate with his dad and step-mom. Then on Friday, we went to brunch with Grandma at Noshville in Green Hills, and then went back to her apartment so she could give him his gifts. And as an added bonus, we got to FaceTime with the Masseys!

I am really and truly excited to have a twenty-year-old son. He is fun to hang out with, gives good insight on lots of different topics, and is very fun to watch as he lives life as a young adult. He was a great travel companion, too, and I'm glad that we were able to take a trip together for his "big" birthday this year.

Some people might gloss over turning twenty, since twenty-one is such a milestone birthday. But I wanted to make a big deal over Daniel moving into a new decade and celebrate the man he is becoming. But of course, I had to do some reminiscing as well!

Daniel's BIRTH day

Birthday #1

Birthday #2

Birthday #3
Birthday #4
Birthday #5

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