Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Baseball Stadium

This Spring, a new baseball stadium opened in Nashville. At first, I wasn't sure where it was and if it would be as fun to go to as the old Greer Stadium. But from the first time I walked through the gates of First Tennessee Park, I was smitten!

The first game I attended was in May with my sister and family. We had seats at the top of the lower section, out past the third base line. With the exception of having people standing over us at the counters right behind the top row of seats, I liked our location. We could easily get out of our row and walk a few yards to the concesssion stands and restrooms. Some foul balls may have come close to us, but mainly when over our heads and I didn't feel too threatened. It was a fun evening that ended with fireworks and we created a fun memory together.

The second game I attended was in early June, and my mom invited me to go with a group from her church choir. We were able to park at First Baptist Church and take a shuttle to the stadium, which was nice. Parking at the new stadium hasn't been as bad has I originally thought, either, since there is lots of free public parking at the nearby Farmer's Market and Bicentennial Mall. Our seats for that game were also out past third base, but this time we sat on the third row. Great view, but had to really pay attention and watch for foul balls. Daniel was also at that game and we met up with him to say hi.

The third game I've gone to so far this summer was on July 3rd with some friends from church. This time we were on the first base line and my seat was on the second row. I decided that I like the third base line better because you can see the big guitar-shaped scoreboard better when you're watching the game.

Now that I've been to three games, one a month, I am determined to go see one in August and in September to round out my experience.  We'll see how that goes!

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