Friday, October 31, 2014

Memorable Halloween Costumes

There plenty other pictures I could post today of Halloween costumes through the years in our family. I wrote about some of Daniel's here. And last year I wrote about some of mine and Jeanette's from our growing up years.

Today on Facebook, I changed my profile picture to this one of me and Jeanette:

I got some fun comments and so I gave some background. I didn't really like dressing up for Halloween when I was growing up. I couldn't ever figure out what to be and our family wasn't really into buying costumes from the store. This particular year, my parents were going to be out of town on Halloween, so in preparation for us being with a sitter, we got to get some things from the store (a face paint kit for me and a "real" mask for my sister). I think I was supposed to be a hobo clown and was apparently not happy about it (hence the sad face). I'm fairly sure that Jeanette was happier with her choice and was most likely smiling behind her Raggedy Ann mask.

After I posted this picture, Jeanette posted this one of her girls from a couple of years ago.

The costumes and circumstances are different (little sister is trying to help herself to big sister's pumkin), but the expressions on Erica and Mary Lane's faces kind of reminded me of mine and Jeanette's. The dynamics of older and younger sisters don't really change over time!

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