Friday, August 29, 2014

Flashback Friday: Happy House-a-versary!

Seventeen years ago on this day, August 29, we became the proud owners of our little house! It was kind of a scary feeling to sign all of those papers, but there was also a lot of excitement! We were homeowners!

Here are some fun facts (and one not-so-fun):
  • We paid $92,000 for our 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath house.
  • One of the main selling points of the house was the den, which in the past had been converted from the garage, adding another 300 or so square feet of living space.
  • Daniel was two-years-old and got his first "big-boy" bed in his new room.
  • The 1997 calendar is the same as 2014, so we closed on a Friday (the 29th) and moved in on Saturday.
  • Sadly, that weekend was also when we got the news that Princess Diana had been killed in a car accident (not that we knew her or anything, but it was notable and very tragic).

2005 or 2006
 Through the years we made some improvements. The house had been "completely remodeled" with fresh paint throughout, new carpet, and new appliances (I found the sales sheet last night in some paperwork and those were the words used). We were grateful that the house was "move-in ready," but we changed paint colors and added landscaping along the way.


I have become an HGTV junkie lately and have lots of ideas of more updates I'd like to make to this little house. The carpets need to be replaced and some rooms are overdue for fresh paint. There are also "dream" projects that I have in mind, but those are probably bigger than my budget will allow. I struggle with walking the fine line of making improvements that I can enjoy and finding contentment in what I've been given to steward.

I remember that when we moved in as a little family of three, we thought we might live there for a few years and then move to a bigger house as our family grew. However, the Lord knew the "rest of the story." I have been continually thankful that He provided this house and has allowed me to stay in it for all of these years, through many transitions. He is faithful!

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