Sunday, June 15, 2014

Simply the best

It's Father's Day and many other daughters are celebrating the "best Dad ever" on this day. I don't dispute them, because I know that there are many great fathers out there. I am thankful that I had "simply" the best dad who was chosen for me!

My dad didn't win a lot of sports trophies or medals, although he did excel in his extracurricular activities and in academics and was given many recognitions throughout his life. He didn't hold a political office and wasn't the CEO of a huge corporation. He did everything to the best of his abilities and he obeyed the Lord he faithfully loved and served.

He had one wife and two daughters and three grandchildren. He was a loving son and big brother to five siblings. He had many friends from childhood, high school, college, seminary and adulthood.

My dad was "simply the best" because of the things I listed above. He simply loved God, his family, his friends, and many different kinds of people and cities and churches.

He told me that he loved me often and he always made me feel like I could do whatever the Lord purposed for me to do as well. He held my hand as a little girl and walked with me, cheering me on, throughout the good and bad times of my life. He told me that he was "for me" and encouraged me.

My dad was simply the best . . . and I miss him.

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