Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throw-back Thursday Stories: Da Boyz

This is technically two photos, but they're related. Three of the boys in the photo are graduating from high school on Saturday and the other one (mine, third from the left), just finished his freshman year in college. Sniff!

These boys have never known a time when they didn't know each other. They were all born within nine months of each other and their parents have been friends since newlywed days. They have wrestled like little puppies on the floor, stolen each other's toys, spent countless nights at each others' houses, celebrated birthdays together, played endless games of basketball, football, baseball . . . you name it. They played on teams together in various sports. They have been raised in church together and have gone to camp together. Oh my goodness, I need to stop before I really have to find the box of Kleenex!

The top photo was taken when they were about 4 years old at a Mother's Day picnic. Our families spread out blankets and ate supper together while we listened to some great music at the fundraiser. The boys played a game of football over to the side, getting all sweaty and smelly like little boys do.

Years later, maybe 10 or so, one of the moms was able to recreate the poses one night when the boys were spending the night at her family's house. I love how the smiles of the two in the middle really haven't changed, except for having their permanent teeth and braces. I love how these boys grew up being buddies.

I've talked to two of the other moms this week and the general consensus is that we'll probably all be emotional puddles on Graduation Day. I feel it and I didn't give birth to the three who are in the Class of 2014! Congratulations of all of these boys who have become awesome young men!

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Susan said...

I love this! It is so cool that you were able to recreate the photo.. hope you do it again with the graduates! Special friends make for special memories. Thanks for sharing!!

Traci said...

That is so neat that those boys are still great friends. Congrats to the graduates.