Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day: Feeling Blessed

We had our family Mother's Day celebration yesterday and today I got to spend quality time with Daniel and Mom. I feel very blessed to have been born to a mother who prayed for me, wanted me and is a big part of my life still today. I also am thankful to have been given the gift of a son and to be able to experience the joy of motherhood.

I don't take either of those gifts lightly, since both my mother and my son are gifts from God to an undeserving me. I also know that there are many people for whom this day designated to celebrate mothers brings more sadness than joy. As I was thanking God for my mother and son and grandmothers today, I also spent time praying for many friends who have lost their mothers or children or who are not in a good relationship with them. My heart was also heavy for my new friend, Renee, who was spending her Mother's Day at the bedside of her newly graduated college son who is fighting cancer, and the family of a police officer who lost his life in the line of duty yesterday.

The thought that brings me hope when considering all of these situations is that God sees all of these things and people and is with us and for us. No matter what our circumstances this Mother's Day, God is for us!

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