Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throw-back Thursday Stories: Week 1 - Happy 50th, Mustang!

Toddler Me and my dad in our Mustang

On the radio yesterday morning, I heard the factoid that the Ford Mustang is turning 50 this week. On further investigation, I read on this blog that fifty years ago this week, Ford debuted the first-ever Mustang at the New York World's Fair.

What is extra interesting for our family's history is that my parents were married in February 1964 and lived on Long Island, very close to where the World's Fair was held in Queens. And, the first car that my parents bought as a married couple was a 1965 Ford Mustang!

My granddaddy, Gwyn Blevins, was a Ford salesman at Plaza Ford in Bel Air, Maryland, so for years, our family drove Ford cars. I don't have real memories of my own of that Mustang, but family stories that I've been told detail me being placed in my car seat in the console in the middle of the bucket seats in the front between my parents (yep, and I lived to tell about it).

And as the story goes, my first taste of ice cream happened while sitting in that Mustang. My mom let me try a lick of her vanilla soft-serve cone and then pulled it back to eat herself. I decided that I liked that ice cream stuff, so I reached my little baby hand over and put my fingerprints right down in that cone! I think they had to get me my own cone after that!

I’m joining The Mom Creative, who is starting a new series today called Throwback Thursday Stories, the story behind the photos.

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