Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sister Saturday: Little Sister Edition

Little sisters sometimes (most times) give us fun stories to share. I've been getting lots from the littlest sister in our family lately, so I thought I'd share one.

Do you see that little bird on the shelf in my pantry? I bought a "three-pack" of birds last year at Hobby Lobby so I could use one on a wreath (wreath is still to be made or at least decorated in that way, but hey, it's almost Spring again). Mary Lane had seen the birds in my extra/craft room last year and asked if she could have one. Of course, I obliged and she took said bird to her house, and I guess it's still there somewhere.

A couple of weeks ago when Mary Lane and Erica spent the night at my house, Mary Lane brought up the bird again and also saw the last one still in my craft room. She asked if she could play with it and I, of course, obliged again (although I told her that she couldn't take that one home). She was fine with that and went on playing and then we probably got started making pancakes for breakfast.

Later that week, I was getting something out of the pantry from a higher shelf and happened to look down on the bottom shelf. I laughed out loud when I saw that bird in there! I was in a hurry, so I went on with what I was doing, but then a couple of days later had the same experience and laughed again (and that time took a picture). I'm leaving that bird in there so I can have an unexpected smile, courtesy of Little Sister.

Then one day last weekend, Mary Lane was at my house again and I remembered the bird in the pantry. I said to her, "Mary Lane! Guess what I found in my pantry? Do you know what it was?"
She thought a second and then grinned and said, "A bird!"

I sure love the Little Bird who left a little bird in my pantry!

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