Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sister Saturday: Sleepover Edition

Last night, to give their parents a Valentine's date night, Erica and Mary Lane came to spend the night at my house. They had done a lot of Valentine celebrating throughout the day, so we had a low-key dinner with Grandma (pizza, salad and brownies) and played Sequence (or as Mary Lane calls it, "Animal Match Game"). After Grandma left, the girls got into their pj's and watched a video on Netflix before bedding down for the night.

The sleeping arrangements were a little source of contention, since one sister didn't want to sleep in the bed with the other and the other sister was afraid to sleep in Daniel's room because of a "scary picture" (which turned out to be a Nashville Predators banner). I got Erica down on a sleeping bag on the floor of Daniel's room and then Mary Lane had a piece of the floor in my room.

One funny Mary Lane-ism was that when we were making all these sleeping arrangements, Mary Lane got up on my bed and said she wanted to sleep on the "icing," which was my white down comforter folded at the foot of the bed. She lay down on it like that was going to work just fine, not being worried that she could easily roll off the end of the bed with one turn!

Since they were so tired from the festivities of the day, they were both asleep around 8:00pm, and we all slept pretty well all night (with the exception of Mary Lane telling me at 1:00am that she wasn't sleepy anymore). At 6:00am, Mary Lane was finished sleeping for real and got to climb up in my bed and rest/snuggle until Erica woke up around 7:00. Knowing that they would be hungry pretty quickly, we got started making pancakes.

I decided to make it even more special by offering to put food coloring in the batter, but of course, we needed to make several colors. Erica wanted blue, while Mary Lane chose pink and then purple. We also made some orange pancakes in honor of Daniel at UT! The girls had fun stirring and watching the pancakes cook before eating them enthusiastically!

I knew that Jeanette and Russell were coming at 9:00am, so I had the girls get dressed and they let me "fix" their hair (as best as the mom of a son can do). Netflix was then the activity of choice, although Mary Lane had some other ideas to play as well.

It was a fun time and we will do it again soon!

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Jeanette said...

I LOVE THIS! We had a great time knowing the girls were safe and happy. AND...I love all the descriptions and pictures, but my favorite part of the whole post has to be the LAST SIX WORDS:)