Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happily Ever After Pampered Chef Story

Once upon a time, a woman was invited to a Pampered Chef party. It had been a while since she had gone to one of those, and since she liked when others came to her parties, she accepted the invitation.

The day came for the party and it was a Sunday afternoon and the woman had other stuff she needed to do, and there were storm warnings in the area, but she honored her commitment and went to the party. It was a typical home-demonstration party, with friends and food and games. One of the games was clearly explained that there were three types of prizes you could roll a dice to win:  a GRAND prize, a merchandise prize, or you got the "prize" of booking a party of your own. Well, the woman played the game, in hopes of winning the GRAND prize or a merchandise prize, but alas, she "won" the privilege of booking a party of her own!

The time came to plan her party and the woman chose a date. She invited a lot of people and even told some out-of-town friends that they could order online. The RSVPs slowly came in and so did the online orders. The theme of the party was "Soup and Slippers" and the day of the party was a cold day, so it was perfect. Several friends came wearing their slippers and a fun time was had making and eating the soup.

The consultant was working on closing the party sales out and let the woman know what her hostess credits would be (it was a bonus month of double points for hostess credits). Some last-minute orders trickled in and the consultant and the woman were blown away when the sales hit the top of the chart!

After all was said and done, the woman was able to get lots of free products, lots more than the GRAND prize from the game would have been!

The woman was so thankful for the generosity of her friends, who bought things they wanted and could use. Even though the woman realized that she might have to actually cook more now, she lived happily ever after with her new Pampered Chef goodies!

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