Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cousin Time!

In spite of the fact that I think my Milwaukee cousins ushered in this deep freeze (or maybe they came South to get some relief since their hometown has had temps well below zero), we had a great visit from Keith and Sarina and their friend, Summer.

Keith is one of my Dad's brother, Dean's, sons and Sarina is Keith's daughter, born just a couple of months after Daniel in 1995. Sarina and Summer are friends from high school and now room together and attend the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Thankfully, when the cousins arrived in town on Saturday, the weather was sunny and (relatively) warm, especially to them, so we took the opportunity to show them around downtown Nashville and went up on my favorite look-out spot, the Pedestrian Bridge. For dinner, we gave them a taste of Nashville at the Loveless Cafe and then the three of them went out to see the Opryland Hotel in all its glory.

 On Sunday before the weather got bad, Keith, Sarina and Summer went to the Belle Meade Mansion and drove around while I was taking Daniel back to Knoxville. When I got back, everyone was watching the Green Bay vs. San Francisco play-off game (didn't have the outcome they had hoped). After the game, they were not deterred by the falling snow and plummeting temperatures, so off they went to get in line for a show at the Bluebird Cafe. If I had not been so tired from driving all day, I would have loved to join them for that.

We suggested that they might want to spend some time indoors on Monday (coldest day in almost two decades) at the Country Music Hall of Fame. In the evening, we all met back up and had dinner at Chuy's and got to have more time to visit.

Since our family did not grow up living close to each other, it is an even more special gift that this generation of cousins has been able to keep in touch. We are connected on Facebook and also have begun to make time to visit in different locations as we can (sadly, some of those visits have coincided with family funerals). It was a great treat to get to see Keith and Sarina and Summer and we hope that we can make it up to Milwaukee to see them sometime in the near future.

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