Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Tree

Yesterday's picture was a little teaser for what I was really working on. I can't believe that I did this, but there's a first time for everything and I don't have to do it again, unless I want to.

Let me back up a little and say that my mom helped me to find/buy a new-to-me pre-lit Christmas tree. She brought it over last week and when my friend, Debbie, was visiting on Saturday, I asked her to help me set the tree up to see how it looked. It was easy-peasy to set up (only three parts) and the base is like a planter, so there was no wrestling with a wobbly base.

So, we plugged it in and the lights all worked and so we decided to put on Christmas music and go about the plans we had made for the afternoon (a different project). After Debbie left, I scooted the tree over into a corner of the dining room and decided to just leave it up until the time to decorate for Christmas (I like to stick to the tradition of waiting to do that until after Thanksgiving).

The more I thought about it and saw the tree sitting there all "neked" (OK, this has only been over the past three days), the more I wanted to decorate it for Thanksgiving.

I did a little searching online and saw some ideas and then decided to see what I could come up with using (mostly) what I already had on hand. I found a template to make a banner and got the letters printed out and assembled them on some brown card stock. Then I went to Michael's and bought some burlap ribbon and some jute twine (thought I had some, but it must have gotten used up at some point in the past 16 years).

I came home from Bible study tonight, intending to get ready for bed immediately, but then I got a second wind and decided to put everything together on the tree. I "shopped" my house for some other things to make it look "bountiful" and printed out some thanksgiving scripture verses and hung the banner and the verses with little clothes pins (I love mini things).

And here's the final result . . .

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Jeanette said...

Well that is just the most surprising and cute thing I have seen on the internet all day! VERY CUTE! The girls will love it. And I will have to figure out how to tell them we aren't doing that at our house this year. :) Love it! Very creative! And much more fun than putting it away until time to decorate for Christmas.