Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another change/end of an era

You know how when a major life-change happens, there are layers of it that come along gradually? Today I am feeling the effects of another layer of the changes in my life.

For the past six years or so, I was counted among the "youth parents" at church. And for the past two or three years, I've been in a community group with many of the same parents and have become good friends with the people in the group.

Tonight is the first meeting of community groups and I will not be meeting with the youth parents. They actually have wanted me to stay in the group, but for several reasons, I know that I need to make the change. But that doesn't make it any easier. Although I will still be at church on Sundays and will see them in passing, I will miss seeing these friends in the smaller setting. The biggest ascpect that I will miss is the prayer and share times that we have weekly and monthly. I had such a special support system around me during some significant times over the past couple of years and I am so thankful!

On the other side of the change coin, I will be starting a new community group tonight. It's a group that is made up of people of different ages and life-stages and it meets very close to my house. I am excited about the new group and the relationship building that will result from it this year.

So, it's another layer in the change of season for my life. It's how it's supposed to be and I am thankful that the Lord is with me and that I have many people around me who care and love me through it all.

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