Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites: A New Favorite Team

I'm gonna go ahead and do it! I'm going to jump on the UT bandwagon and show my new colors--Orange and White! Go Vols!

I didn't really have any college team loyalties before and I'm not a particular fan of some of the things that being a Vol might represent to others in the SEC. I don't intend to paint my face or get season tickets (yet) or trash talk (much) with other people about their team. I'm not going to necessarily know the players' names and who has done what on or off the field. I'm just a UT Mom who wants to get into the fun of having a college team to cheer for. So, I'm going to start wearing my orange (or my grey t-shirt with an orange T) and learn the words to Rocky Top (it really is a catchy tune)!

Daniel is going to the game tomorrow, so I can't wait to hear his impression of being in Neyland Stadium with 100,000+ people for the first time! And I will look forward to experiencing it for myself in a few weeks!

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Corine said...

I think he will have a blast. On the UT orange thing, all Texans sign a statement of loyalty if/when we leave the state that says we will root for Texas (the real UT)forever. The eyes of Texas... We only wear burnt orange.