Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ain't nothing you haven't prayed about

The empty nest transition is still very fresh and new. I anticipated it being hard and it's about like I figured. I think I'll bounce back soon and will get into my new groove, but I'm also allowing myself to have some transition time.

The week before Daniel went to college, I was talking with my neighbor across the street. I told her that Daniel was going to be leaving soon and I'd have an empty nest. She and her husband have a high school senior, as well as some older kids. She said to me, "Yeah, I told Alvin we're fixin' to have an empty nest. Of course, Titus (older son), he keeps runnin' back, but we'll be empty soon, too."

She assured me that if I ever needed anything, they are right across the street and she reminded me that they keep an eye on my house for me. As I we were parting ways and I was walking back across the street to my car, she said, "But it ain't nothing you haven't prayed about, right?"

I agreed and went on my way, thanking God once again for the great neighbors I've had for the past sixteen years.

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Kristi said...

that is SWEET! love it.