Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prom 2013

Last Saturday night was Daniel's Senior Prom and from all accounts, it was a fantastic and fun night for all. Daniel asked his friend Karlee to be his date for their last dance of high school (they have gone to two other dances together as part of a group). He asked her in a creative way again this year, by writing a fake parking ticket and leaving it on her windshield. One of the choices of how she could get out of paying the fine was to attend the prom with Mr. Daniel Ryan.

Again this year, the parents of one of Daniel's friends offered to host the group in their home for dinner, which made for a much less-expensive evening for the prom-goers and gave other parents peace of mind to know where their kids were before the prom (not that this mom was worried about any underage behavior). The group met before dinner to take pictures and let all the parents come to get pictures too.

First, some formal poses

Then the silly, um, creative pics

 Class of 2013!

It is so fun and refreshing to see these "kids" having good, clean fun like teenagers should. And after the prom was over, they made a "run for the border" (Taco Bell) and headed back to the dinner house to hang out for a little longer.

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