Thursday, February 14, 2013

Erica's Notes

My niece Erica has gotten into making cards and loves to write notes to people. As if I needed another reason why she tugs at my heartstrings, this really bonds us together as aunt and niece because it's something that I love to do as well.

Last year I was amazed that a three-year-old would spend an hour or so making Valentine cards (we made some together), but now, I can see that she has a real love for crafts and art and it's fun to see the creativity she displays.

When Erica gets it in her mind to make cards for someone, she doesn't want to make just one. When Daniel was sick right before Christmas, she wanted to make him some get well cards/notes. I think he ended up with seven or eight before it was all said and done.

The cards pictured below were some that Erica made for me in January. I love the pictures she drew and how she wrote "I (heart) Y" inside. She also decided that I needed to write on the front of "Aunt Nette's Bible" after she had made the card complete with a ribbon sticking out as a bookmark.

And the one with a Q-tip taped onto the front:  she explained that she had included a handle for me to carry the card easier. So thoughtful!


I will look forward to lots of card-making with Erica. It is always fun to have someone to share a hobby with!

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