Friday, November 30, 2012

My favorite drummer

Tonight we got to hear the awesome concert of the Hume-Fogg Jazz Bands! Daniel, my favorite drummer, played in one of the best jazz combo and then was one of three drummers in the Silver Jazz Band. He works hard and puts a lot of time and energy into his drumming and it has been so fun to watch him grow and excel as a drummer.

I also have to give a little blog time to the band director, Dr. Richard Ripani. He gives tirelessly (it seems) of his energy, time and life for his students. He genuinely cares about who they are as people, not just as musicians. He is so encouraging and likes to look for ways and opportunities for all of his students to shine. I'm very thankful that Daniel has been able to learn from Dr. Ripani and be a part of the band program at Hume-Fogg.

I was trying really hard not to be a little sad, but I couldn't help thinking about all of the band concerts through the years, both at Hume-Fogg and at Meigs Middle School, and how some of these same kids have been with Daniel at concerts since the 5th grade. There is one more official concert at Hume-Fogg for Daniel's high school years, so mark your calendar for Friday, May 5. You won't be able to miss me:  I'll be the one with a huge smile and tears running down my cheeks.

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