Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thirteenth First Day of School

Well, I'm behind on posting again (why do I put such high expectations on myself?) and I also wasn't able to find all of the pictures that I wanted for this post. So . . . I'll just have to improvise and adjust my expectations.

Last Wednesday (yes, August 1st) was Daniel's last first day of school, or with a more positive spin, his thirteenth first day of school. Yikes!

I sure couldn't really imagine what that day would be like when I took him to Kindergarten on August 17, 2000. I remember that he was nervous, but was very brave and went into his classroom and sat down to color at his new desk. After the appropriate amount of time, we left and he didn't cry . . . until the next day and the next 50 or 60 or 100 school days after that. Poor guy, he missed his Momma!

Every year I have taken Daniel's picture on the front steps of our house. Here are some of the milestone years:

Senior Year - 2012

8th grade - 2008 (Last year of Meigs Middle School)

4th grade - 2004 (Last year of Tusculum Elementary School)

Kindergarten - 2000

There was one more big difference between Daniel's first day of Kindergarten and his first day of Senior year. When we took him to Tusculum Elementary for his very first day of school, we drove him down the street and walked him to his classroom.

On his last first day of school, Daniel drove himself downtown to Hume-Fogg High School, parked behind the school and strutted into the school to find his own classrooms. Yep, he's a Senior!

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