Sunday, June 3, 2012

Celebrating Mom (a.k.a. Grandma)

Yesterday our family had a great time together celebrating our Mom/Grandma's 76th birthday (she would tell you herself how old she is). It was a perfect day in every way:  weather-wise, activity vs. rest ratio, fun memories made!

We planned an outing on Blue Heron Cruises, which is a fun activity for all ages, and also is relaxing and affordable for families. This was our second time to go as a family and this year, our friends, The Shriers, also joined us. It was hard not to think of Grandpa, since he was with us last year when we went on the pontoon boat cruise on the Cumberland River, but it was fun to have some new faces with us and to have the added celeration of Mom's special day. Here are some of the pics from the cruise:

One of the favorite activities for the kids were the bubble wands

Anna and Kate

Rachel and Jeanette

Captain Jim made lots of balloons and Erica was very interested


Mom and her favorite son-in-law

Phil, Daniel and Mom put the balloons to good use!

After we all had the afternoon to rest up, we headed out for dinner at Chuy's (birthday girl's choice, which none of us minded). I have to give kudos to my sister for suggesting that we go to the mid-town Nashville location instead of Cool Springs. Much easier to get seated and free valet parking! Smart, Sis!

Birthday sopapilla!

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