Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cars vs. Queens: It's all in the interpretation

Tonight while helping Erica get into her car seat, I saw some lightning in the sky and asked Daniel if he saw it. Erica decided to get into the conversation by mentioning "Lightnum McQueen" from the movie, Cars (which she hasn't seen and has only heard kids talking about at her preschool). Actually, I thought she was just mispronouncing the first part of his name. Turns out, she has a whole other interpretation of that character.

Erica:  I'm going to get a "Lightnum the Queen."

Me: (laughing) What are you going to get, Erica?

Erica: Yeah, Lightnum the Queen. (pause). Aunt Nette, will you get me Lightnum the Queen for my birthday?

Me:  Yes, I will! Bye-bye!

I kept laughing about it all the way home (to which Daniel suggested that I needed to blog about this conversation). I guess for three-year-old little girls, it always come back around to royalty!

Of course, I wonder where I'll find what she's asked for and if she'll be disappointed when she figures out she's talking about a car?

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