Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Fun

My birthday was a workday, but it was an unusually quiet Friday at the church house, so Jeanette brought the girls by for a few minutes. It was fun to have some birthday visitors!

I wish I had a picture of Mary Lane "sashay-ing" across the church lawn in this get-up (she had a ponytail on top of her head for a few minutes before she pulled it out).

My little office "helpers"!

Erica can write her name (needs a little help with the "C")

Erica thought it was cool to get a bulletin "hot off the press"

Sherry and Maddie brought me a yummy cupcake treat!
 That night, our family was invited to the Tusculum Hills Baptist Church Strider's Club Banquet. My parents have walked on the indoor track there for over 13 years and as part of the program, my dad was remembered among the other walkers who had passed away during the previous year. We appreciated the tribute to Dad and also enjoyed the dinner and the entertainment:  a Barney Fife impersonator.

On Saturday afternoon, we had our family birthday celebration at Mom's house for an early supper. Earlier in the week, Erica had asked what kind of birthday I was going to have. I told her to pick it out for me and I loved the "ballerina princess" theme that she chose!

Don't mess with this Princess!

Princess Sisters!

There weren't enough princess tiaras to go around (and Erica wanted to take this picture).

I guess he thinks we won't know who it is wearing that backwards tiara!

They put a question mark, but I held up my hand to show how many fingers I am this year!

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