Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Sisters and a Cousin

I would be remiss to not show some pictures of my sweet nieces and their awesome big cousin from Halloween earlier this last week. I've also got to share some cute pics from the pumpkin patch (unfortunately, the big cousin wasn't able to come).

Disclaimer:  The reason why this is just being posted today is because I was tripped up by the pictures. I do NOT know why Blogger won't do vertical pictures, but . . . whatever

Have you ever seen an angel drumming? 
So glad she decided to wear her halo and wings (it was a dilemma earlier in the day)

Here is the world's squirmiest flower! :-)

Not sure why the flower is crying, but the angel wasn't tellin'.

Sweet sister moment at the pumpkin patch

Love, love, love these sweet faces!

There was a picture of them from the front, but don't know where it went.

A "90s Kid" with the flower and the angel. Cousins R Great!

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