Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thirteen point one!

I know that if you are my friend on Facebook, you already got the news that I finished my first half marathon this weekend and have seen some of these pictures. But I couldn't ignore my blog and wanted to document this very big event in my life!

I'm not going to lie . . . it was not an easy walk for me. About half way through, maybe a little before that, I noticed that my right hip was hurting, and by mile 8 or so, I was stopping every so often to stretch and definitely had to slow my pace by the last couple of miles. And I wanted to cry and quit a couple of times. But, I persevered (thanks to a well-timed text that simply said, "Press on" and to prayers that I know were being lifted up for me).

I was so thankful for my friends and family who were cheering me on along the way, either in person or via text and prayers. Believe me when I say that I could not have done it without you! I especially want to thank Debbie Cox for being the "snack lady" and cheerleader extraordinaire who met us at mile 5 and mile 10 with some nourishment and enthusiasm. Also, a big thank you to my family for being at mile 12, over by Titans' stadium. It was very fun to see them all at the end of Victory Drive, and get some hugs before turning the corner to ascend the hill onto the Gateway Bridge and finish the last mile and a tenth.

I am still wavering in between "next time" and "never again" but I am really glad that I did a half marathon. I now know that I can do it and it feels good!

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Debidoodl said...

Amazing accomplishment Nanette! Especially persevering in spite of physical pain! It was a blessing to see you do it! xo