Monday, September 12, 2011

An old favorite


Over Labor Day weekend, some friends posted on Facebook about a Walton's marathon on television, so I searched through our channels until I found it. It brought back memories of when my family would watch the show when I was growing up and I got caught up in watching several episodes that day. In fact, I also figured out that episodes are shown every weeknight, so I've been getting a "Walton's fix" all week!

Tonight, I was watching one episode while I ate supper after I came back from my walk. I really needed to take a shower, so I looked at the clock and decided to try and get a quick one before the next episode started. As I was drying off, I had to laugh, because I remembered another little tidbit about when we used to watch The Walton's on Thursday nights.

My sister and I would play outside as long as possible in the spring and summer and then would have to rush to get our showers before we could watch TV that night. The ante was upped when we got a bean bag chair (notice I only mentioned one chair). The deal became that whichever one of us girls got finished with our shower first, she could sit in the bean bag chair. I can remember my dad calling up the stairs to tell us that the show was starting and one of us would inevitably still be in the shower. Also, I'm pretty sure my sister was able to take a faster shower than I did most nights (and get to sit in the bean bag chair) because she didn't use soap! Or maybe she was just smaller and it didn't take her as long to soap up and rinse off. Either way, we'd end up in the den together, watching The Walton's.

Good night, John Boy!

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rus said...

Hey -- I used soap! I just didn't linger or wash unused parts.