Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dessert-of-the-Month: August

For my brother-in-law's August Dessert-of-the-Month, Russell had chosen coconut cake. Even though I'm not a fan of anything coconut, I knew that I had a recipe that would be perfect to use:  Granny's Luscious Coconut Cake. Daniel's great-grandmother used to make this for many family holiday get-togethers and it was always raved about by those who ate it.

Also, since my sister and brother-in-law were celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary last week, I thought it would be fun to let them have a "cake date" at my house one evening while we went to stay with their girls. It worked out for them to have the date on their actual anniversary night and it was fun to set the table with china and some of their wedding photos to make it more festive for the occasion.

In case you're interested, here's the recipe for Granny's Luscious Coconut Cake, as printed in the Bellevue Baptist Church (Owensboro, KY) Cookbook from 1998:

1 pkg. butter cake mix
1 c. sugar
1 (8 oz.) carton sour cream
2 (6 oz.) pkgs. frozen coconut, thawed (I actually used bagged coconut from the baking aisle)
1 (9 oz.) carton whipped topping

Prepare cake mix according to directions, making two 8-inch layers. When cool, split both layers. Combine sugar, sour cream, coconut and whipped topping. Spread between layers, sides and top. Seal cake in airtight container and refrigerate 3 days before serving (I only made it one day ahead and it was fine).

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Christi said...

I am not a big coconut fan either, but that looks yummy!!!!