Saturday, June 11, 2011


It has been a beautiful thing to watch the body of Christ serve and love the family of Emmett Stallings this week, and ever since he was diagnosed with cancer in February 2010. And today was the culimination of that love in action, as we came together to have a celebration/memorial service of Emmett's life on earth and his life in Christ.

Here are some of the beautiful things I have seen from my vantage point:
  • A memorial service planned by close friends and family members (with input from Emmett himself before he left this earth).
  • A reception, as well as a separate dinner for the family, were planned with people signing up to bring food, set up, clean up and organize the two events.
  • Within 24 hours, childcare volunteers were in place, ready to care for young children so that their parents (Emmett's friends and peers) could attend the service.
  • Technology was implemented to make it possible for people who couldn't attend the memorial service, whether because of miles separating them or other restraints, to watch a live video stream.
  • Hearing the gospel clearly explained, at the request of Emmett's family, and partly prompted by little Quinn's question of his mom when he found out that his dad was in heaven, "How do we get to heaven?"
  • Being able to worship the Lord with a group of people gathered to honor Emmett's life on earth.
  • Seeing the people on the worship team who sang or played with tears in their eyes and on their cheeks because they had played on worship teams with Emmett in the past.
  • The quiet hush that came over the entire chapel as approximately 400 people filed out to go down the hall to the reception. It was a collective, unspoken tribute to a man who had touched so many people during his life on earth, and who will remain in our hearts and minds now that he is in heaven.
  • Hearing the stories and seeing pictures and remembering interactions that I have witnessed of Emmett's love for his wife and his son. He loved them in a beautiful way.
"How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ." --Twila Paris

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Christi said...

Beautifully put, Nanette!