Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Favorites: Matching Shower Gel & Lotion

I'll admit it:  I'm a "matchy-matchy" kind of girl. I like to have outfits that have "matching" components (I'll make a great "sweet older lady" who loves to wear those Alfred Dunner outfits with the piping on the shirt that matches the pants). I like it when the napkins, plates and cups all match at a party or picnic. I think it's so adorable when little girls (twins or not) are dressed in matching outfits (awww!!!)

And one of my favorite things is to have matching shower gel and body lotion (the same fragrance). It's called "layering" you know. I don't use perfume that comes in a pretty bottle and is sprayed on anymore, but I like the subtle effect of bathing with some sweet-smelling shower gel and then slathering the same sweet-smelling lotion all over my body after I get out of the shower.

My all-time favorite fragrance, Mango Mandarin, from Bath and Body Works has been discontinued (so sad), but I got a few to stock up when they had them on clearance. I am looking for a replacement, but so far, nothing has measured up. I do like the Vanilla Bean Noel that comes out at Christmastime, but that I can take for only a few months and then I want something else.

Maybe you learned something new about me today. Hope you have a Happy Friday!

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