Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Phone conversations with a toddler

My two-and-a-half-year-old niece, Erica, has been wanting to talk to me on the phone lately and it makes me laugh every time. Here's a snippet from our convo today:

E:  Hi Aunt Nette! (very loud and enthusiastically)

Me:  Hi Erica! (also with enthusiasm) How are you today?

E:  I brushed my heh (hair).

Me:  You did? I bet it looks pretty!

E:  I'm wearing a headband.

Her mom prompts her to tell me that it's a headband like I sometimes wear.

E:  It's pink!

Me:  That's fun!

E:  (silence)

Me:  Erica, are you ready to say bye-bye?

E:  No, I'm not finished.

E:  (silence)

N:  Are you there?

E: (silence)

Her mom asks her if she's finished and Erica says no again. Her mom says that if she's not going to talk, she needs to hang up.

E:  I'm going to hang up now.
(phone goes dead)

Another time when I was talking to my sister on the phone, Erica was singing, and Jeanette said that Erica would sing me a song after we finished talking. When we finished our conversation, Jeanette handed the phone to Erica:

E:  What's your favorite color, Aunt Nette?

Me:  Well, it's . . .

E:  Pink? OK! (singing) Pink is the color of the rainbow . . .

I guess she didn't want to wait for me to tell her what my favorite color actually is, but that's OK.

I love these phone conversations and hope they continue for a long, long time!!!

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About Me said...

what a cutie . . . I need one of those (a girl grand baby, not a pink headband like Nette's)