Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Seventeen

For Day Seventeen, I am thankful for my car.

Another example of God's provision is my car. I have owned four cars in my life. Each one was exactly what I needed at the time, and my CR-V is no exception. When my previous car (which has a provision story of its own) was getting to be less reliable, I decided that it would be better for me to stop cutting into my savings to pay for repairs and just go ahead and make a trade for a different car. I knew that I would need some good cargo space, due to having a drummer in the family, but I did not really want a full-size, gas-guzzling SUV. After some research and shopping around, I decided to buy a Honda CR-V. When I went to the lot to make the purchase, there were several choices, but when I saw the red one, I knew that needed to be my car.

I have been so happy with this car and fully intend to remain a Honda owner from now on. And I am thankful that God provided something that would be so fun to drive!

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Michael and Jana said...

We love our CRV too. Hooray for Honda!