Thursday, June 3, 2010


I just found out from The Mom Creative that this week is Soles4Souls Barefoot Week. If you've not heard of Soles4Souls, this organization gives shoes to children all over the world who walk around barefoot in some horrendous circumstances. I actually am embarrassed to admit how many shoes I have hanging on my shoe rack that hardly get worn (one pair has NEVER been worn), yet there are children who would love to have just ONE pair of shoes (flip-flops even).

So, in honor of Barefoot Week, I have to show off some of the cutest toes I've ever seen! Erica has gotten very into her toes lately. I think it started with one of her babysitters who had painted toenails and now Erica wants to see everyone's toes, including her own! She even wants to get her toes washed after a meal when she's getting her hands and face washed off. The other day when we were hanging out with family, she kept wanting me to take pictures of her feet. And of course, I obliged! Enjoy these sweet piggies!

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