Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've seen a glimpse of the future

. . . and it's Blue and White*!

Tonight we attended the graduation ceremonies for the Hume-Fogg Class of 2010. It was a unique experience to be able to stand on the sidewalk beside First Baptist Church and look up Broadway to see the Class of 2010, dressed in their blue caps and gowns, come down the front steps of the school and walk the two blocks to the arena. I only knew one of the graduates, but it was exciting to be able to cheer for these kids who have worked so hard to acheive this goal. Kind of a practice for what's to come in three more years.

I don't intend to fret away the next three years, bemoaning how quickly Daniel is growing up and how hard it will be when he leaves home. That would not make these next few years enjoyable for any of us. Instead, I want to cherish these years. I want to be as involved in Daniel's life as is healthy for both of us, while also giving him wings and helping him to be prepared for leaving the nest. I'm excited for him to grow and learn and to become the man that God has purposed for him to be. I want my son to experience each normal stage of life, even though that will mean that he gradually becomes less and less dependent on me.

I know that the choices I make as a parent over these next three years, and into his college years, will shape our relationship for the rest of our lives. I'm thankful to have this "front row seat" to watch him as he grows into a man. And I intend to be the one cheering the loudest from my seat in the arena when his name is called to walk across the stage and receive his diploma!

*Daniel would want me to point out that it's Hume-Fogg Blue, not UK blue!

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