Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time is flying by

Before Daniel was born, I started writing letters to him in a journal that I intend to give to him one day. This morning I was planning to write in it (I have gotten very lax in keeping up with it and haven't even written anything since he turned 13, almost two years ago). As I turned to a blank page, I couldn't help stopping along the way to read earlier entries.

Memories flooded my mind as I remembered things he used to say and do, and I saw how fast time has passed. I cannot believe that in just a couple of months, he'll be turning 15! I wouldn't want things to be any other way, since I'm glad that he's been growing and becoming the man God created him to be. But, whew, the time has flown by!

Later in the afternoon, we were driving home from the store and I joked about how I could walk to Jeanette's house and he could drive. He liked that idea, and I would have let him, except for the small technicality that he doesn't have a drivers' license . . . yet. As we pulled into the driveway, I stopped right by the street and put it in "park". Daniel looked at me and I said, "I'm going to get out and let you get in the driver's seat. Then you can try driving the car."

I love saying something that totally surprises him and catches him off guard and that was one of those moments. You should have seen the smile on his face, after he realized I wasn't joking.

We switched seats. I had him put on his seatbelt and check to see if the mirrors were adjusted for him (gotta start him off with the basics). He looked at me and wondered if I minded if he crashed into the shed. I assured him that wasn't going to happen (although the thought crossed my mind about what to do if it did). I told him to put his right foot on the brake pedal (the big one on the left) and to shift into "drive". Then I told him to slowly lift his foot off the brake pedal and let the car roll forward. We drove forward a few feet and then I had him shift into "reverse" and back up to where we'd started (in my mind hoping he wouldn't go barreling backward into the street or the neighbor's driveway across the street). He was cautious and we went slowly backward. Then I had him shift back into "drive" and go forward all the way to the basketball goal. Except for a couple of hard stops, he did great!

I know he'll be a good driver and I'm not too anxious about future lessons I'll be giving him as he learns to drive. I just can't believe it's my CR-V he's behind the wheel of and not his little red and yellow Little Tykes Cozy Coupe!


DrDrama said...

i totally teared up reading that because i imagine doing that in 13 years...

ItsLainee said...

I held my breath, remember this season with TWO at one time . . . I love how you are modeling that you WANT Daniel to gain new freedom and move toward manhood--a healthy mom, indeed!