Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Plans

Technically speaking, Daniel's the one who will be on Spring Break, but since he's going to be with his dad for the whole week, I've been making some plans to keep myself busy while he's gone (when I'm not working). As usual, I'll probably plan too many things and then will be tired and frustrated at the end of the week, but such is life.

Feel free to stop reading now, since one of my purposes of this post was to get things straight in my own head. I'm not going on any hot dates or flying to any exotic destinations. Just hanging out in Nashvegas.

But, if you're just curious or bored, here's my schedule so far:

Friday, March 12
Daniel will get to be with me for most of the evening, until his dad gets back from a business trip, so we'll get together with my parents, Jeanette, Russell and Erica for dinner. We love these informal family dinners together!

Saturday, March 13
I'm planning to get up and go to exercise class to get a good work-out in. After that, the day is pretty open until the evening. I want to go to the prayer/worship time for Emmett Stallings at 6:00.

Sunday, March 14
Should be a normal Sunday: church, home, book study, home

Monday, March 15
I'll work during the day and then go to exercise class that evening. Sometimes I go to Sweet Tea Diner w/ work-out friends afterward, but we'll see.

Tuesday, March 16
Meeting a friend from my former job for dinner at Friday's. It will be good to catch up with her. I can't believe it's almost been a year since I left Northwestern (I've seen my friends since then though).

Wednesday, March 17
Fun night at the Bluebird Cafe with ShawnMarie, Shirley and Sondra (I'll be the odd-ball person with a name that doesn't start with S). Paul Bogart, Lizza Bowen, Brandon Heath and Christopher Williams will be playing "in the round". Can't wait!

Thursday, March 18
Same as Monday, especially since I'm skipping the exercise class on Tuesday night. Gotta try to work off the food I'll be eating this week!

Friday, March 19 (evening) - Saturday, March 20 (day)
Scrapbooking at my house with friends. I love having people over and it's always fun to have time to work on my layouts.

Saturday, March 20 (evening)
No plans . . . yet. We'll see. I might need to have some "at home" time by then and get some chores done.

Sunday, March 21
Regular Sunday, but then, at the end of the day, I'll get to go pick up Daniel!!!

It won't be as exciting as going to the beach, but there's always next year for that!

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