Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Winter Olympics

Da da da-da da da da, da da da-da da-da da da-da da da daaaaa!

I love the Olympics! I can remember first watching them back in the 70s. Back when Dorothy Hamill was winning medals in figure skating. I even had a Dorothy Hamill haircut (but that was the end of any comparisons between me and she . . . I can't stay upright on a pair of skates for more than 1.2 seconds).

I'm not partial to Winter Olympics over the Summer Olympics. They are both equally exciting to me and I pretty much stay glued to the TV during the two weeks that they are on.

More recent memories include Daniel learning what the Olympics are all about. Whether tryiing to emulate Apollo Anton Ohno outside on the driveway with his inline skates or asking to take swim lessons so he could swim like Michael Phelps, it's been fun to watch Daniel become as enthralled as I am with the Olympic games. And now, we get to watch some sort of Olympics every two years. "Back when I was a kid" we had to wait four long years between the events. Man, these kids have it so good nowadays!

The 2010 Winter Olympics have already had some memorable moments. I've been baffled by the strange weather they're having in Vancouver, pondering how odd it is that the mid-Atlantic states keep getting dumped on with snow, but they're having to import snow to the Olympic ski slopes. And I'm sure one thing the organizers and producers of the Opening Ceremonies would like for everyone to forget is the malfunction of the torch caldron!

My heart is saddened by the death of the luger from the country of Georgia and my prayers go out to his family and his teammates as they deal with this tragedy. I hope that there will not be any other tragedies and malfunctions in this year's Olympic Games, and that the memory of this athelete will be honored by all who compete and break records and win medals in Vancouver.

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