Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow mad!

I was "snow" mad this morning when I woke up, yet again, to dashed hopes of getting a good accumulation of snow in Nashville. I know I have to go to work, and don't mind it, but my northern roots show up big time when there's talk of snow. It just made me so mad that the forecasters (National Weather Service, as well as the local yokles) thought we'd really see some white stuff on the ground this time (and all the grocery stores and school systems bought into it, too) and then they decided to mention this morning that our atmosphere was too dry for snow to reach the ground. Excuse me, but couldn't all of those expensive and fancy machines/computers give you that information last night??

So, as I was stewing in the shower, I realized that what I was really upset about was not the actual snow, or lack thereof, but the dashed hope. I was disappointed and felt like what was promised had not come true. Upon further thought (and by God's grace), I realized that I had not been putting my hope in the right place. I didn't need to put my trust in weather forecasters, who are human, but in the One who makes the weather. I even had the thought that maybe there were some people who didn't need an accumulation of snow today and God, in His sovereign mercy and grace, was providing for them.

I need to always remember and never forget that "my hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus' blood and righteousness"! I should "dare not trust the sweetest frame (or weather predictions), but wholly lean on Jesus' name."

Of course, as the day went on, we got some snow, mostly just falling, but some stuck on the ground. It looked pretty out my window as it was coming down and I was thankful that I could get home safely after work. I had even forgiven the weather guys when I was watching the evening news, especially when they were having to go out in the sub-freezing temps to tell us what to expect for tonight and tomorrow. Whatever happens with the weather, though, I'm thankful for the reminder to put my hope and trust in Jesus, who always keeps His promises!

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