Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Earlier this year, I discovered a blog called Flying Solo by a writer named Denise Hildreth. Basically, she's a single-again, Christian woman who writes about being single and living life to the fullest as a believer. I've gotten some good perspective from reading this blog and while I don't feel like I am at the same place where she is in her journey (content with her singleness), it has been thought-provoking for me.

Case in point: Today's post on the blog asked some questions about finding your passion. I decided to take some time to answer the questions it posed and thought I'd share my answers here.

3 Tips To Awaken Your Life's Passion

1. List 10 things that you liked to do as a child. The age not important. Think about what you liked to do, how you enjoyed spending your free time, serious or silly things. Open your memory to the fun times you can recall.

1. Reading books
2. Playing pretend games with my sister
3. Drawing houses and decorating the rooms
4. Playing with our doll house (decorating it)
5. Taking pictures
6. Watching TV
7. Riding my bike
8. Spending time w/ friends
9. Going on trips (esp. to my grandparents' house and to Ridgecrest, NC)
10. Playing board games w/ my family (no laughing, Family!)

2. List 10 things you like doing as an adult. As above, no restrictions, give yourself permission to be fully true to yourself and honest about what you love to do since you became an adult.

1. Reading books/magazines
2. Making cards
3. Scrapbooking
4. Spending time w/ friends
5. Taking pictures
6. Walking (esp. at Radnor Lake or other park)
7. Going on trips
8. Spending time w/ family
9. Worshiping w/ other believers
10. Playing board games w/ family or friends

3. If you had $30 million deposited into your bank account ... tax free, after you upgraded your housing, made sure all your family and friends were financially secure, bought a new car, went on all the vacations you wanted, gave to all the charities you wanted, what would you do next with your life?

1. Ride in a hot air balloon.
2. Hire a personal trainer and a registered dietician/chef
3. Explore and nurture my writing gifts/abilities

There are really two parts to answering this question. First of all, putting the money to one side. Are you doing now what you love to do, whether or not you were being paid to do it? If you did not need money, would you be doing it anyway? If not, what would you be doing, just for the love and pleasure of it? Open your mind.
Second of all, how would you use the money? How might you be living? Are you called to make a difference in any part of your world?

The Huffington Post/Anne Naylor

After reading back over my answers to the first two questions, one thing that I found interesting was that I had very similar things that I liked to do as a child and as an adult. I think that shows that I have not changed a whole lot in that way since I was born and that I thrive on spending time with people and being creative.

Another thing I realized from answering the final question was that I would do the job I'm doing even if I wasn't being paid for it. I have finally been given the opportunity to have a job that that I feel fits my giftedness and personality. As an added blessing, I am doing something to serve the Lord and the Body of Christ, and that is very rewarding. I give praise and thanksgiving to God for providing this for me this year! Sure, there are times when things get hectic or I have to do a task that isn't as fun, but on the whole, I love my job!

So, maybe you are in a place where it would help you to think about these things. If you feel like sharing them, leave a comment or email (nrryan5100@yahoo.com) me. I'd love to hear about what your passions are!

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