Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Break Fun

We had a little bit of a "stay-cation" for the first part of Daniel's fall break this past week. We got some good "at home" time (read as: Daniel got to watch lots of ESPN and play his drums) and also got to go on a couple of fun, fall outings.

The first one was last Monday, which was Grandpa's birthday. We went out to the Loveless Cafe for a late breakfast and had some of their famous yummy biscuits. We decided to act like tourists in our hometown and take some pictures by the sign and by their fall decorations.

Then on Tuesday afternoon, we went with Jeanette and Erica to Walden Farm, down in Nolensville/Smyrna, and had a fun time walking around the pumpkin patch and seeing the farm animals. Erica was actually more interested in the Fisher Price farms they had set out for kids to play with than the real animals, but that's OK!

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