Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This amazing God we serve

In case you are needing a good dose of God's amazing faithfulness, and a reminder of how much more amazing than words our God is, read this from my friend Elaine, and this from a girl I've never met, but have recently found her blog (we have mutual friends and her life is a huge blessing and inspiration--you are going to want to read more about her, I promise). There are no coincidences, friends, just God's wonderfully amazing and inconceivable sovereignty at work in the world that He has created and has allowed us to live in. To Him be the Glory always!

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Lainee said...

Thanks for multiplying God's blessings by sharing my post--you must have read it as I was still editing it last night--wowee! I, too, am so inspired by Katie and Amazina even though we haven't met yet--I have her "badge" in The Sunflower Gospel sidebar . . . love you!