Monday, February 16, 2009

Moses and I had a Monday

In yesterday's sermon, our pastor taught from Exodus 18, about how right after a wonderful time of reuniting with family and telling what God had done to deliver the Isrealites from the Egyptians, Moses had to deal with the everyday crises of leading a large group of people. Scott compared it to a Monday morning after having spent a great time worshiping and being with fellow Believers on Sunday.

Well, today, I could really relate to good 'ol Moses. It started on Sunday night (as it often does) when I started thinking about having to go back to work. Hallmark's Hoops & YoYo characters call it "Spastic Colon Sunday" (look that e-card up sometime on I don't have those types of symptoms, but I often have the Sunday night "dreads," which today, turned into the Monday Morning (and lasted all day) Blues. Of course, it didn't help any that it was a holiday for some people (Daniel included), so I felt slighted that I wasn't getting a three-day weekend. Then at work, I got to deal with a fax machine move (and subsequent connectivity problem, which I solved), a jammed printer (which I unjammed), and numerous other mundane, Monday-ish things. And I stayed in a funk most of the day.

God used Moses' father-in-law, Jethro, to help him deal with the crisis he faced and gave him a lesson on wisdom in the process. Today, I did a lot of praying and asking for wisdom to help me get through my day. In some ways, it was comforting to realize that the very same God who spoke to Moses in the wilderness also cared about what was happening in my life today.

Thank you, Lord, for being a God who sees and cares!


robin said...

It's Friday- and I'm just now reading about your Monday!(I think I'm spending too much time on facebook :o) I pray your week was progressively better as you rested in Him and sought His wisdom in all things. I'm going to specifically pray for you on Monday morns- not mourns!

And, the Hoops& Yoyo is too funny!
Love ya-

Nanette R. said...

Thanks for the prayers. If you forget on a Monday, I can use them any day of the week! :-)